Undead Worlds 2

This anthology includes a short story from The Brother's Creed world.

Sheriff Gibson is a man haunted by his past on the hunt for a new kind of killer–one who eats their victims alive. After the fourth victim is found, a shady private military group shows up taking the bodies of the victims and disposing of them. It creates more questions as Gibson tries to find the clues to crack the case before another body shows up. He’s not fast enough as the body count begins to grow in this race to save his small Texas town from becoming a place of slaughter.

The fall of civilization! Zombies! Apocalypse! The Reanimated Writers are back with their flagship anthology, Undead Worlds! This time, we have 15 brand new stories from today’s best in zombie fiction for you to dig your teeth into! Check out these gruesome and action-packed stories inside Undead Worlds 2!

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Women of the Crystal Coast

Check out my story about a monster hunter and her lion companion in this Dragonband anthology!

Undead pour from the cursed grounds of the Deadwood. Titanspawn enter into Harthx from their own fiery domain. Ruled by a lich king, the Ebidi nation grows ever larger. The Crystal Coast in ancient times was a place full of danger, dread, and conflict.

These pulse-pounding stories center on strong female characters and female empowerment. From women who have taken charge of entire nations, to those who must break free from the chains that society has bound them to, only to prove they are truly equal to their counterparts. These are the Women of the Crystal Coast.

Women of the Crystal Coast is a collection of 17 high fantasy short stories written by both veteran and newfound authors alike. Including stories from Bestseller Aaron Rosenberg, USA Today Bestseller Jean Rabe, and legendary shared world author Richard Lee Byers!

Tome of Fables

Follow along as Darius hunts a mysterious monster in a secluded settlement. This includes a short story set in my fantasy world of Torrea!

A myth comes alive in the form of an unknown horror that begins to haunt a small village on the edge of deep chasm. Thus begins a perilous journey to stop this threat before it claims the lives of the entire village.


Witness ancient gods, demons, and creatures of the night. Travel far and wide to the future where intelligent robots exist. You just may happen to hunt monsters; please avoid the assassins as well. Do you believe in Unicorns, mystical sea creatures, or perhaps dragons? Delve into these short tales and let your imagination soar.

Reanimated Rumble

I have three flash fiction zombie stories in this tournament style anthology.

16 Authors go head to head in story battles to see who will be crowned champion of The Reanimated Rumble.

The Reanimated Writers is a group of indie zombie fiction authors on Facebook. The Reanimated Rumble was a competition that was posted weekly within The Reanimated Writers Zombie Fiction Fan Group, and the fans got to vote for the story they liked best. The twist? No one knew who wrote the stories until the votes were counted. This kind of blind competition allowed new authors to go head to head with seasoned vets without the fear of a fan base coming in to move that author along. Only the stories mattered.


This is the competition match by match and even includes some bonus stories.


Read my flash fiction piece in these epic collectin of 46 stories!

If you could choose from a thousand worlds to visit through one door, which would it be? The dystopian future where peanut butter is illegal? The alien invasion where beer saves the day? The dry flats of open plain where creatures hunt humans for their salty flesh?

Enter the forest of fear with a mother seeking to save her infant son. Launch weaponized pineapples and fire grape gatlings during the foodpocalypse. Destroy the Earth with a single flower. Try to hide your cyborg superpowers during a blind date. Protect innocent lives by sacrificing the legacy of generations of librarians.

Forty-six Bingeworthy tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and comedy, this collection of bite-sized brilliance is designed to keep you turning pages long past your bedtime.