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The Brother's Creed Series

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Book 1

How far would you go to save the ones you love?


Two brothers learn of the apocalypse after being out of touch for a few days. Returning to town, they learn first-hand, the dead are coming back to life with a taste for flesh. With their parents in Nebraska, they must embark on a journey to rescue them as they set into motion their zombie apocalypse plan. But they'll see not all is fun and games as they realize it is nothing like they imagined it would be.

Can they make it in time to save their parents from a fate worse than death?



Emmett Wolfe has been preparing for this day for years, but still, cannot believe it is happening. An infection unlike any other has begun to spread across America and the world as he knows it is ending. He must rescue his daughter and ex-wife and transport them to a safe location.

But at the end of the world, nowhere is safe anymore.



2018 New Apple Book Awards Winner- Science Fiction

2018 Reader's Favorite Silver Medal Winner- Young Adult Sci-Fi

2018 Readers TCK Publishing Readers Choice Awards Winner- Science Fiction

2017 New Apple Summer E-Book Winner- Science Fiction

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars

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Book 2

James and Connor face increasing hardships that will leave them with two choices: give up or become battle born!


After the events in Nebraska, the Andderson brothers continue their trek northward, joined by Emmett and the girls. The group makes their way through Wyoming to meet up with Tank, the brothers’ best friend from a time before the apocalypse.


They’re delayed when they stumble upon a school full of over a hundred survivors—most of them children. While Connor disagrees with James’s choice to help them, he follows his brother’s lead as a series of drastic events makes James the unspoken leader of the large group. Responsibility weighing heavily on James’s shoulders, they resume their journey north to rendezvous with Tank.


Zombies become the least of their concerns as the group faces a new enemy hell-bent on their destruction. When the situation goes from bad to worse, the brothers are confronted with the horrible reality that no matter how prepared you are, at the end of the world, death is always right around the corner.


Enchanted Anthologies 2017 Book Awards- 2nd Place Best Sci-Fi

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Wolf Pack

Book 3

The highly anticipated third book of The Brother’s Creed Series!


The Andderson brothers are reunited with their best friend, Tank, and the Wolf Pack is finally back together. The reunion is cut short when they discover their entire group is being held hostage by a psychopath and her gang of killers. They’re left with an ultimatum: come unarmed and in plain sight or the whole group will be killed. Surrender is not an option and the search begins for a way to turn the tide. But time is running out.


Emmett is missing, possibly dead. Alexis and Ana are held captive by the Reclaimers. With no hope of being rescued in time, it's up to them to plan an escape. But when Ana is the first one taken to be reclaimed, Alexis realizes there may be no getting out of this one. Jezz just might kill them all.



2019 Reader's Favorite Gold Medal Winner- Young Adult Action

2018 New Apple Summer E-BookWinner- Action/Adventure

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars

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Bad Company

Book 4

Join the survivors as relationships deepen and bonds are tested in the fourth installment of this award-winning & best selling series!


The Wolf Pack has finally made progress in their trek North as they reunite with the rest of their group at the Canadian border. The small town of Coutts is fortified by the US Military with a seemingly impenetrable fence surrounding it. It's truly secure and they can have some semblance of a life again. A week of staying there begs the question, do they even need to continue on their journey?


As they unwind after a hellish week on the road, what they've had to do to survive comes back to haunt them--all their failures, all the lives they've taken, all the people they couldn't save…


Things change when they realize there's a secret buried in Coutts, something they may not be prepared to face. Not only do things begin to destabilize within, but the Reclaimers return, bringing with them a vengeance and a plan to bring the group to their knees.

#1 Amazon Best Seller

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Last Hope

Book 5

The epic conclusion to the Wolf Pack's journey!


Leaving the border town behind, the group continues their trek to Alaska. They don't make it far before the Reclaimers attack. The losses are heavy and James is separated from the group. Connor, unwilling to continue without his brother, leaves in search of him as the rest go north. James is in a desperate game of cat and mouse with Jezz as she hounds him every step of the way.


With people missing, wounded, or dead, Tank must step up and do something he never thought he would—lead a group of survivors through an apocalyptic Canada as they drive the ALCAN. As the miles pass, their destination closes in, but the losses make it unclear if they'll survive with their faith and humanity intact. Despite the resistance, they push onward because this is their last hope.

#1 Amazon Best Seller

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