North to Alaska

Joshua C. Chadd on the lookout

It’s that time of the year again—the time for me to head off to the Great White North in search wild animals. That translates to head to Alaska to live out my dream job of being a hunting guide! Many of you have seen that I forecast Wolf Pack to be released in 2018, and many of you are angry at me for the cliffhanger of Battleborn with the next book so far out. Well, the reason I’m not at the grindstone right now is because I have to work, pretty much nonstop, for the next four months, guiding in Alaska and Montana. That means I’m not able to write much at all as I don’t get weekends off and I don’t get to go home at the end of the day. I start guiding in August and end in December, period. All day, every day.

Now, that may mean I can’t write a whole lot as I’m guiding, so you have to wait longer for books around this time every year, but it also means that when I’m not guiding, the rest of the year, I have a lot of free time to write! When I’m in the bush, I do A LOT of thinking, planning, outlining, and world building. Then I come back at the end of the season on fire and itching to write! So, you may have to wait until December until you hear from me again, but after that I’ll be rocking! I already have a novella prequel written for my fantasy books, that’ll be free for my mailing list, and I’ll hopefully be getting it out in Dec/Jan. AND I’m going to be looking at releasing my first full length novel and the start of my fantasy series just after that! THEN I’ll be releasing Wolf Pack!

It may be sad to you that I’m leaving, but I’ll be working hard while I’m in Alaska on what to bring you next! I’ll also be gaining life experience that I can put on paper and meeting new character inspirations, I mean… meeting wonderful new people! I’ll also be researching, reading more books, and just living and loving life!

When I’m up there, I’ll be completely out of touch—no internet, phone, TV, nothing. If you’ve ever watched any Alaska TV show, we’ll be living like that. Basically off the grid, 90 miles from the nearest town! Actually, where we’ll be staying isn’t too far from where the Andderson brothers are trying to get to in The Brother’s Creed books! From August until October you won’t hear much from me besides the few scheduled emails and Facebook posts with some goodies and a little more info about what I’ll be doing up there. Look for those about once a month! But other than that, you’ll have to wait until November when I leave the bush to hear from me again.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of your summer/fall! I’ll talk at you when I get back!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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