Quick Update!

Joshua C. Chadd on the lookout

Hey everyone! Just a quick update!

I’m alive after the last two months of being in the Alaskan Bush! We had a great hunting season and met some really awesome people. We were blessed with good weather and a plethora of game. The only downside is ALL my guiding gear and rifle were stole last night out of our enclosed trailer. So that sucks and I’ve spent today running around trying to get enough stuff together to survive the next two weeks on the peninsula. We were blessed with some friends of ours letting us barrow some of the more expensive items. But other than that little hiccup, things have been going great!

Now onto the writing update! I’ve been super busy working and haven’t been able to write at all over the past few months and the next two are looking really busy as well. BUT I have been doing a lot of brainstorming and some outlining. What have I been working on you ask? WOLF PACK! You heard right! I’ve decided to put a hold on all my other writing to focus on finishing The Brother’s Creed series! I’m hoping that when I get back in December and things settle down I’ll sit down and rock out the next book. That means you’ll be looking at a late winter/early spring release of book #3!

I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the next leg of my adventure to hunt brown bears on the Alaska Peninsula until the end of October. I’ll be out of contact again so I’ll see and talk to you all in November! Have a great Oct and happy “early” Halloween!!!

Thank you all for your patience in my crazy hectic lifestyle.

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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