Back from the Bush!

Joshua C. Chadd on the lookout

Hey everyone, I'm officially back from the Alaskan Bush! We had a great season with some great clients and awesome adventures! I'll tell you about a few of those in an email I'm sending out in the next few days, so be checking your inbox. And as always, feel free to contact me and I can regale you with tales for days! Now an update on my writing and Wolf Pack… I still will be guiding in Montana all of November, so I won't be able to dig into Wolf Pack until December. I'm going to do my best to have it out just after the New Year! But first, I will be working on a smaller project exclusively for my mailing list. It's a short story about how Tank got out of Fort Collins and met up with the group he was with in the beginning of Battleborn. Hopefully I can get you an early copy of it in December! So that should be fun for all those who love Tank and want to see some of his backstory. Wolf Pack! So who is excited for this next book? I know I am! This book is going to surpass all I have done so far! My plan is to dig into the characters a lot deeper and you are going to get a look inside Ana's mind as she has to dredge up her past to survive. She is going to play a big part in this next one, as is Emmett and of course the wolf pack as well! This book is also going to be longer than the others, if the outline I have is anything like the story that comes out. I'm aiming for this to be a full length novel and having a lot of POV's that all come together at the end. And the ending should be satisfying as well, no cliff hangers this time... or at least not like the last time! Also this is NOT the end of the series. I have plans for a 4th and maybe even 5th book, along with an epilogue short story! So you definitely have more of the Brother's Creed to look forward to! I have to admit I was not that invested in writing the Brother's Creed when I wrote Outbreak, but as I wrote Battleborn, I grew more invested and got a clear...ish picture of the whole series! Just talking about it now makes me excited to start writing! I may be getting ahead of myself telling you about future projects because it seems my plans keep changing, but I'll tell you anyway. Just know these plans are likely to change. My goal is to get Wolf Pack and the 4th book out in 2018, and then finish it up with the 5th book end of next year or early 2019. Then after that I'll be starting my fantasy trilogy or another Post-Apocalyptic trilogy set in a futuristic world with some crazy creatures and such. Then after that I'm diving into an epic fantasy story I've been planning for years and already have an outline for! That should give you a little taste of what to expect. What? You thought I might only be around for a little while? Tough luck! I'm just getting started with my writing career and I have stories planned for years! And those are just the ones I’ve thought up now! I also plan to dive into some steampunk, vampire, and Christian stories later down the road, along with a zombie story set in the old west! So sit back and buckle up, we have a long ride ahead of us! It may be a bit early, but happy Halloween! Be looking in December as I start writing Wolf Pack for a sneak peek! Until then...

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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