Outbreak on Audio & Co-Hosting a Podcast

Hello readers!

It’s time again for another blog to keep you updated on all I have going on!

First and most importantly, Outbreak is on AUDIOBOOK! I can’t believe it! Just under a year ago I published my first book, which of course was Outbreak, now there are two more books in the series with another on the way, the series has won multiple awards, and they are coming out on audiobook. It’s crazy to listen to someone bring your own books to life and give them a different feel. Outbreak came out today, Battleborn will be out on April 24th and then Wolf Pack on May 22nd!

Outbreak audio cover

Click here to check out the audiobook!

Second, a good buddy of mine and author, R.J. Batla, and I have taken the guild we started a few months ago, The Kickass Readers Guild, and raised it to the next level. We’re now doing an awesome podcast tied with the guild called, The Kickass Readers Podcast. The podcast is going to be a place where we discuss anything speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy), share news of the week, and just have a good time. Every other episode we’ll be having a guest on the show to interrogate—I mean talk with. The shows are going to air LIVE on YouTube every other Tuesday at 7 PM central time. With them being live, you can come over and interact with us as we do the videos. The other awesome thing: tonight March 27th at 7 PM central time is our first official episode where we’ll be talking about World-Building! Then next episode, April 10th we will have author Tiger Hebert discussing magic systems. Don’t miss out!

Kickass Readers Podcast Logo

Click here to check out our YouTube channel

Third, a quick writing update. I’ve started working on Bad Company and I’m about 20k into it, which isn’t bad considering I have three other writing projects going on right now, while also getting my newsletter updated. This new book in the series has been interesting for me. The action has slowed way down, and I’m diving more into the characters and how they’re feeling. Relationships are growing and changing and the brothers are having to deal with their decisions they’ve made since the beginning. It’s going to be an interesting book, that’s for sure, but by the end the fast paced action you’ve come to love will be back.

But that’s all for now! I only have 5 weeks left before I leave for Alaska for the entire month of May, so I need to get rocking on some stuff!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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