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Wait a second, I thought you were still in Alaska?

Good catch! I am still up there but I scheduled this post before I left so here it is!

I've been working hard after Wolf Pack and to bring you the next chapter of the Brother's Creed series and here it is! As promised it is 82,000 words which is almost 20% longer than the last book. I also said the pace would slow down a bit and it does, I really delve into the characters in this one, but by the end the pace revs up to the same as the last three! I really enjoyed writing this book as it was a struggle for me which means a lot of blood and sweat went into it! You'll also notice the cover is a bit different than the last ones. I felt with the story and feel of the books changing a bit it wouldn't be bad to change the cover. The new artist did a great job and I love it. Check out the blurb below and get your copy preordered! to bring you the next chapter in the

Bad Company by Joshua C. Chadd

Here is the blurb for Bad Company:

The Wolf Pack has finally made progress in their trek North as they reunite with the rest of their group at the Canadian border. The small town of Coutts is fortified by the US Military with a seemingly impenetrable wall surrounding it. It's truly secure and they can have some semblance of a life again. A week of staying there begs the question, do they even need to continue on their journey?

As they unwind after a hellish week on the road, what they've had to do to survive comes back to haunt them--all their failures, all the lives they've taken, all the people they couldn't save.

Things begin to change when they realize there's a secret buried in Coutts, something they may not be prepared to face. Not only do things begin to destabilize within, but the Reclaimers return, bringing with them a vengeance and a plan to bring the group to their knees.

Head over and pre-order your copy now for $0.99 before the price goes up to $2.99 around the time of the release!

Pre-order Bad Company Here!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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