A Change in the Blog

I was thinking the other day that I love to blog about my personal experiences as well as writing. I used to have a personal blog, but haven’t touched it in years. Then, I was talking with some of my awesome readers at the Bad Company Release Party yesterday and realized something. You guys are my family, not just my readers. I know that most of you who take the time to actually read these blogs want to know more than just when I have a new sale or anything like that (you get that on Facebook and in emails anyway). But if you’re reading these you want to learn more about my writing, behind the scenes, what’s ahead, and maybe, you want to hear about how my life is going. I don’t know exactly how personal this is going to get but I just felt led to do this.

Just like it says on my Contact page, I’m an open book (pun intended). I’m not the type of person who wants to sit behind a curtain and keep my readers at an arm’s length. My stories are very personal and usually when my characters are going through struggles, I am as well. Like James in Bad Company, I was learning to let go of my control and trust. So that is what I’m going to do and I’m going to use this blog to tell you all about it.

Now wait a second, if you are thinking that this isn’t the kind of content you want to see don’t worry. I’m still going to post about writing and behind the scenes on my books and such. So you can still find that. I’m going to break these blogs down into two categories to make sure that they are easy to distinguish. The categories will be Writing and Personal, I’ll explain them in detail below.

WRITING: This one is pretty self-explanatory. I will give you behind-the-scenes look at my work, talk about upcoming books, and new releases—stuff of that sort. I also want to start reviews of the books I read as well as have guest authors from time to time. So if you just want the writing side of the blogs stick to these ones.

My writing setup & my brain juice

PERSONAL: These ones will be about my life. They may include some stuff about writing like how I struggled with writing a book, or something of that sort, but it’ll always be in the context of my personal life. This is also where you will hear about my faith. I don’t hide it anywhere, I’m a Jesus Freak and proud of it. It’s a part of all the areas in my life. So of course, my personal blogs will usually end up back at my faith and what God is doing in me and my life.

A brown bear, picture taken while guiding in Alaska

There’ll be some crossover in both of the categories as I cannot completely take out my personal life and faith out of my writing as it is who I am. Also vice versa, I’ll talk about my writing some in my personal blogs because writing is not something I do, it’s a part of who I am as well. So those are the changes I’m making going forward. I’m doing this not only because I want to, but because I want to bring you quality content to read.

So join me in this new endeavor, whether you want to learn more about my writing or personal life. I welcome you to the new & improved blog…

The Writer in the Wilderness!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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