End of the Season

Well, readers, it’s been a great couple months!

I was able to release two books, a novella, and write two stories for anthologies that’ll be coming out this fall/winter. Now it comes to the end of my writing season (I know it’s the middle of the year, but this is how I view my years). I am leaving for Alaska to start guiding today and I will be out of contact until October. Then I will have a week of rest there and then back to guiding in November here in Montana. That season will finish up in December and then I will be (mostly) free until next July again when I head back up. With a schedule like this, I view this as the closing part of the year and when I finish up in November that will be the end of the “season.” That means December is the start of my new writing season.

Josh in Alaska

Funny I know, but that’s how I structure my “year”. That means that over the next few months I will be busy working and will not have as much time to write. I will still have some, and I plan on working on a few things as well as Last Hope, but I will not be able to whip books out like I usually do. That means, sadly, we are looking at Jan/Feb for the release of Last Hope. I know that may seem like a long time, but I have work to focus on and I also don’t want to rush this last book. I want it to be my best work yet and I think it will be. So you will have to wait a bit to finish the Wolf Pack’s journey north.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to read from me in that time, though. I have two short stories in two anthologies coming out this year. The first is coming out in October and it is set in my Brother’s Creed world. I know you will love this story! The other story is set in a shared world, it is your introduction to how I write my fantasy stories and I think you will love this one as well. So before last hope comes out you will be able to read two things from me, one set in the same world as the rest of my series.

That’s all I got for you today! I will see you all when I get back in a couple months!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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