The End of the Creed

I’m not dead! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, but life has been crazy. So here we go again.

I recently released the box set for the Brother's Creed series. It was a bittersweet moment to bring to an end the series that kick started my writing career. As I look at ending to this series and at the next I'm both excited and sad. I’ll be able to create new worlds, new stories, and new characters, but it feels like I'm leaving a piece of myself behind in these books. I don't plan to go back and create more books with James, Connor, and Tank, so this really is the end.

There may be a few short stories here and there but the series as a whole is complete. I feel like the end was a perfect fit and doesn't need to be continued on, especially with the short story in the box set, Life After. That extra story brings everything full circle by showing the survivors years after the end of Last Hope and how they've created this community. So with that I feel like the characters in the series can be put to rest in a good way, but it's still hard because of all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears I put in those series.

Brothers Creed Box set

It's also hard because I know you, the reader, have become invested in these characters and story. I cannot thank you enough for the support and how awesome you’ve made this whole process. It is the end, and all endings are someone sad, but the future is bright and I have my best work ahead of me!

Speaking of future work, I'm excited to create new characters in new worlds with the many series to come that you'll grow to love just as much, if not more, than the Brother’s Creed. The next project, as you know, is a fantasy trilogy but after that, I plan to dive into more post-apocalyptic fiction. I never considered myself a zombie or sci-fi author before I got started, I was going to consider myself a fantasy author, but as things turned out God had other plans.

In the process of creating the Brother's Creed series, I realized that I do have a passion for creating a good ole post-apocalyptic story. During that time, I have thought up multiple ideas for future post-apocalyptic series. So if you enjoyed, the Brother's Creed and like post-apocalyptic, then stay tuned to get more of that. And if you just enjoy my style then you'll be able to jump over to fantasy with me as it's going to be another epic story filled with authentic badass characters.

Thank you for sticking with me through the Brother's Creed and here's to many more series in the future!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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