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As you have probably read by now, Sarah and I are making a big transition in life, from me guiding full-time, to just part-time (dall sheep hunts in August). We are taking my writing, our publishing company, and Sarah’s burned leather goods (Armored with Truth) to full time. God has blessed us over this last year with providing for us through our publishing company, Blade of Truth, and Sarah's Etsy shop and we feel that He's going to bless and provide for us even more in 2020.

This change is not one we take lightly, but have put much thought and prayer into and we truly feel led to make this shift.

Over the past two and a half years that I have been self-publishing, I have found my passion shifting more and more from guiding to writing. Don't get me wrong, I love guiding and I will still be doing two or three sheep hunts a year, but I've been finding more joy in writing. God showed me this last year how my writing can provide financially when paired with our publishing company. With this change, I will be able to write at least four more months out of the year as well as put more time and effort into making sure this publishing company continues to grow the way it needs to.

Sarah and Josh at Ream makers 2019

Sarah and I at Realm Makers 2019

Our life is going to be quite different going forward. Instead of both of us going to Alaska each year and me being gone for up to four months in the fall, I will only be going up to Alaska in August. This also makes the most sense as Sarah and I start looking to settle down somewhere more permanently and start a family, but that is still a couple years out.

We are both excited for this new change, as we've always wanted to have businesses of our own. There are no doubts that if God continues to bless us, and these businesses continue to grow like they did in the past year, we will be even more successful in 2020. Now, I will be able to pursue my passion of writing, Sarah and I will be able to run this publishing company together, and she will be able to work on her passion of burning truth onto leather.

It’s a risky move for sure, as we are gambling a lot on these businesses being successful, but we here at the Chadd family believe that when God calls you to do something and go somewhere you follow and He will make a way. We have no doubt this is where He is calling us. It may not look exactly like what we think it will going forward, yet we're flexible to change in any way He leads.

We hope you will join us in this new season of our lives as we step forward into a new adventure.

-Joshua & Sarah Chadd

PS- If you’d like to support us in this new endeavor we could use all the prayer we can get!

From my desk to yours,

Joshua C. Chadd

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